Quality Policy

To determine the demands of our internal and external business partners based on their needs and expectations and to respond to their demands, To provide quality products / services and prices and to increase satisfaction, Determining our processes and establishing interactions between processes by adopting the process approach of the system, To continuously improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our processes with a risk-based thinking logic.
To control, monitor and measure the system to ensure continuity Developing teamwork and team spirit by increasing the competence of our employees To provide our customers with timely, reliable quality, affordable products at affordable market prices. To be respectful to the environment. Within the framework of our Business Ethics and Corporate Responsibility policy; To prevent our employees from breaking ethical rules, to create equality of opportunity, not to discriminate, to be fair. To use natural resources effectively and to produce products that respect the environment.

Chairman of the Board
H. Alaeddin Eyüboğlu