Production Technologies

Injection / Robot Technologies

Automation technologies are also used in production lines in order to produce precision parts and to meet customer’s requests by increasing efficiency.

Production Technologies

Assembly – Welding

Production is supported by metal bushings, metal inserts, o-rings, vibration welding and ultrasonic welding processes for parts coming from injection lines in line with customer demands.

Production Technologies

Control Systems

Poka-Yoke systems, leaktest machines, balance control machines can be implemented in related production process, according to the customer requests. The designs of the equipment used are made by our approved suppliers under the supervision of our engineering team.

We assemble all sub-parts we produce in our own factory and other sub-parts that we supply from our suppliers in our pre-assembly and main assembly lines. After asembly process , 100% functional test (sealing, photometry, bulb function) and visual control are applied and parts are shipped to our customers.

Production Technologies

Final Control

The designs of fully automatic machines that can meet the special characteristics required in the technical drawing are carried out and commissioned by our approved suppliers under the supervision of our engineering team.

In addition, PPM targets are fully achieved with special control processes for 100% success in visual control operations.

Production Technologies


It aims to achieve the optimum price-quality balance in all projects our multi-national project experience and quality standards we have gained.

In mold manufacturing, designs are made by our engineering and design team together with our business partners in order to reduce costs during maintenance periods and increase efficient production capacity.