Sustainability Policy

KAR PLASTIK being aware of our social, environmental and economic impacts, encouraging bilateral dialogue with our stakeholders during all our activities, and having an ethical and transparent management style are a vital part of our corporate culture.

We continue our activities in the light of our Business Ethics and Corporate Responsibility Policy and this Sustainability Policy.

  • To carry out a business approach that respects universal human rights and ethical values, encourages equality of opportunity, against all kinds of discrimination,
  • To provide an open communication environment by encouraging active participation of the employees,

KAR PLASTIK is committed to working continuously for a sustainable development and a livable world.

Board Chairman
H. Alaeddin Eyüboğlu

Business Ethics and Corporate Responsibility Policy

This policy, adopted by the top management of KAR PLASTIK, includes human rights, working conditions, business ethics and corporate responsibility.

  • Respects and applies internationally recognized human rights principles.
  • Believes in equality of opportunity and offers equal opportunities to its employees.
  • Believes and respects that freedom of belief is one of the fundamental rights and freedoms of the individual.
  • It does not apply oppressive behavior (mobbing) to its employees.

Board Chairman
H. Alaeddin Eyüboğlu

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

KAR PLASTIK complies with occupational health and safety as an integral part of the company policy and aims to display a successful performance for continuous improvement by fulfilling the requirements of the relevant legal and other conditions. Our responsibilities regarding occupational health and safety are among the basic duties of all our employees under the leadership of senior management.

Our management, whose priority is occupational health and safety, is determined to identify the targets in accordance with this policy, to publish them, to ensure their active participation in the system by taking the active participation of our employees and to use the necessary resources in practice.

For this purpose;

  • To meet all legal and other obligations regarding Occupational Health and Safety,
  • To identify all precautions that may cause occupational accidents and occupational illnesses, to apply them and to ensure applying them by employees,
  • To provide and make efforts to use personal protective equipment for the prevention of work accidents and occupational diseases,
  • To ensure the safe use and maintenance of machines and equipments,
  • To take all precautions against dangers such as fire, injury and disease that pose a danger to life and property safety,
  • To raise awareness of occupational health and safety to the highest level by evaluating risks and opportunities with sustainable and proactive occupational health and safety management,
  • To prepare and announce emergency plans in line with risks and opportunities,
  • To select technological solutions to eliminate dangers that may pose a risk to the health of our employees, to improve workplace ergonomics,
  • To provide guidance on chemicals without harming health,
  • Believing that the successes in occupational health and safety, to increase our efficiency and continuously improve the system we have created,
  • Considering the needs and expectations of the parties, to contribute to the occupational health and safety awareness of our employees through training, events and other activities, and to create a strong occupational health and safety culture,

We are committed to abide all the requirements of this policy.

Board Chairman
H. Alaeddin Eyüboğlu

Environmental Policy

KAR PLASTIK operates with the awareness of our responsibility to the environment, we consider it a basic principle to be a company that protects the environment we live in during all our activities and adheres to ethical rules.

For this purpose;

  • To take the necessary measures to prevent our environmental risks by working regarding environmental laws, regulations and standards,
  • To ensure the continuity and improvement of the Environmental Management System we have established,
  • To prevent the negative effects on the environment that may arise from our production and to reduce air, water and soil pollution,
  • To protect our natural resources, to minimize greenhouse gas emissions, to use energy efficiently, to save energy and water consumption,
  • To reduce wastes, to collect, to eliminate or to recycle hazardous and non-hazardous wastes appropriately with sustainable resource management,
  • To choose by considering environmentally friendly technologies in the improvement of our production facility and in our new investments,
  • To prevent environmental pollution at its source, to continuously improve our environmental performance,
  • To raise awareness of our employees and suppliers about the environment,
  • To increase environmental awareness and sensitivity by ensuring that our policy is understood and adopted by our stakeholders,

In line with this environmental policy, KAR PLASTIK accept to work continuously for a sustainable development and a livable world and to comply with all the requirements of this policy.

Board Chairman
H. Alaeddin Eyüboğlu

Quality policy

To determine the demands of our internal and external business partners based on their needs and expectations and to respond to their demands, To provide quality products / services and prices and to increase satisfaction, Determining our processes and establishing interactions between processes by adopting the process approach of the system, To continuously improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our processes with a risk-based thinking logic.
To control, monitor and measure the system to ensure continuity Developing teamwork and team spirit by increasing the competence of our employees To provide our customers with timely, reliable quality, affordable products at affordable market prices. To be respectful to the environment. Within the framework of our Business Ethics and Corporate Responsibility policy; To prevent our employees from breaking ethical rules, to create equality of opportunity, not to discriminate, to be fair. To use natural resources effectively and to produce products that respect the environment.

Board Chairman
H. Alaeddin Eyüboğlu