Occupational Health and Safety Policy

KAR PLASTİK Inc. accepts occupational health and safety as an integral part of company policy, and aims to perform successfully for continuous improvement by fulfilling the requirements of the relevant legal and other conditions. Our responsibilities regarding occupational health and safety are among the basic duties of all our employees under the leadership of senior management. Our management, whose priority is occupational health and safety, is determined to determine the targets in accordance with this policy, to publish them, to ensure their active participation in the system by taking the suggestions of our employees and to use the necessary resources in practice. We will choose technologies to eliminate the dangers that may pose a risk to the health of our employees, Believing that the successes in occupational health and safety will also increase our productivity, we will continuously improve the system we have created, We will raise awareness of occupational health and safety to the highest level by evaluating risks and opportunities with sustainable and proactive occupational health and safety management, We will identify and prevent dangers that may cause occupational accidents and occupational diseases by effectively protecting our employees against all dangers, Considering the needs and expectations of the parties, we will contribute to the occupational health and safety awareness of our employees through training, events and other activities, and we will create a strong occupational health and safety culture, We are committed to abiding by all the requirements of this policy.

Chairman of the Board
H. Alaeddin Eyüboğlu