Business Ethics and Corporate Responsibility Policy

KAR PLASTİK Inc. be fair among all employees, does not discriminate.
KAR PLASTİK Inc. does not apply mobbing to its employees.
Applies positive discrimination to female employees.
No employee takes bribes; No employee can go beyond the ethical behavior accepted in the society.
In the event of any unethical behavior and / or bribery observed or heard by the employees, it freely reaches the nearest supervisor or the Factory Manager and informs them.
observes the rights and laws of all employees and complies with laws.
Understands and tries to meet the needs and expectations of all employees under appropriate conditions.
Believes and applies opportunity equality.
All employees treat each other with courtesy rules.
Believes that freedom of belief and freedom of thought is the fundamental right and freedom of the individual.

Chairman of the Board
H. Alaeddin Eyüboğlu